Air Traffic Control

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Have you got what it takes to coordinate a busy airport?  The aviation sector continues to grow at a rapid rate and passenger numbers across the UK continue to increase. In 2018, there were 284 million passengers and the demand for air traffic controllers is going to continue to increase.

Help planes to land and take off and avoid air traffic collisions by working together with your team and applying your skills to various virtual scenarios including communication with pilots and ground crew. Hone your skills and apply yourself to:

  • Preventing collisions;
  • Giving pilots pushback, taxi, take off and landing instructions;
  • Using the radar system to track and monitor aircraft;
  • Arranging arriving aircraft in to the optimum order for landing;
  • Providing advice and information to aircraft on a range of issues, including weather and runway closures; and

Our state of the art air traffic control tower has a voice activation system to make for an immersive lifelike experience enabling you to respond to changing conditions, using real air traffic control scripts and terminology in the phonetic alphabet. The tower also features Jeppesen worldwide airport diagrams and interactive live radar sky maps incorporating varying weather conditions. 

You can even communicate with the pilots flying our 737 flight simulator in real time and guide them safely to their destination.

We also have a learning base library featuring a collection of material from the world of aviation, including aircraft maintenance manuals and air traffic control material. 

Air traffic control
Air traffic control
Air traffic control
Air traffic control