Terms & Conditions

  1. General
    1. These terms & conditions apply to all bookings made with FlyMe Limited (herein the “Company”, “us” or “we”) and apply to any individual, group or corporate entity using the Company’s facilities or services (“the customer” or “you”). It is your responsibility to ensure that you fully understand the terms and conditions at the point of booking with the Company and understand that you are bound by them.
    2. The terms outlined in this document (along with the ticket and/or voucher provided to you) amount to a legally binding contract between you and the Company at the point that payment is made and your booking is accepted by the Company.
    3. The Company reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without notice any for any reason and any such changes will take place with immediate effect.
    4. Where activities are undertaken by a minor under the age of 16, the terms and conditions in this document are accepted by their accompanying adult(s) on their behalf.
    5. The Company’s decision in relation to any of the terms and conditions below shall be binding in all circumstances.
  2. Bookings
    1. Flight simulator bookings may be made either online via our website or over the telephone. All bookings are subject to availability and you must attend your booking during your allocated time slot. Payment is required in full at the point of booking. The cost of your booking will be made clear to you at the point of booking.
    2. All customers are permitted to bring one additional guest to spectate in the cabin on a free of charge basis. Any additional cabin guests will be charged at £10 per person. Alternatively, additional guests are welcome to remain in the departure lounge for the duration of the flight.
    3. For group, school, university and college bookings, you shall also be governed by the terms and conditions outlined on the booking form that is provided to you.  Payment is required in full before the date of your visit and a deposit payment must be paid within 14 days of reserving a date for the requested date to be secured.  Deposit payments are non-refundable.  
  1. Vouchers
    1. In addition to booking direct with us, you may purchase flight vouchers for use by yourself or a third party. Flight vouchers are valid for 12 calendar months from the date of purchase and are not redeemable for any other service. Flight vouchers have no resaleable value.
    2. You must ensure that your voucher is redeemed within 12 calendar months of the date of purchase as the voucher will automatically expire on the 365th calendar day and shall no longer be valid.
    3. Flight vouchers may be sent via post or email. Please allow up to 7 days following your purchase for your hard copy vouchers to arrive. Should you wish for your flight voucher to be posted by expedited post, please telephone us direct.
  2. Cancellation & Rebooking
    1. Where flight simulator bookings are made via the telephone or the Company’s online booking system, you may cancel your booking at any time up to 14 days after the booking is made (the “Cancellation Period”) and you will be entitled to a full refund, save for where a booking is made less than 14 days after the date of purchase. You will not be entitled to cancel any booking where the flight simulator services have been performed. In the event of cancellation within the Cancellation Period, a full refund will be provided using the same method that was used to make the payment wherever practicable.
    2. In order to cancel a booking outside of the Cancellation Period, you are required to give us at least 48 hours’ notice or you will be charged the full amount of your booking. The Company may rearrange your booking at its absolute discretion. If rearranging a booking, the Company reserves the right to charge a rebooking administration fee of £30. Should you not wish to rebook with the Company, no refunds will be given.
    3. Should you decide to cancel a flight voucher, you can do this up to 14 days from the date of purchase.  Flight vouchers are not eligible for a refund after the 14 day period.  
    4. The Company reserves the right to restrict or refuse access or eject anyone from the Company premises that the Company’s employees (in their reasonable opinion) believe to be behaving inappropriately around equipment or staff, or who we believe to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In such circumstances, no refunds will be given.
  3. Time Slots & Arrival Time
    1. Please ensure that you arrive around 15 minutes before your booking time. You will be permitted to stay on the Company premises to enjoy the facilities for up to 30 minutes both prior to and after your booking slot.
    2. No refunds or partial refunds shall be given in the event that you are late for your allocated time slot. In the event that you are over 15 minutes late for your allocated time slot, your booking will be deemed to be cancelled and no refunds will be given.
    3. No extra time will be added to the end of your booking to make up any time lost for late customers. In the event that your booking commences late as a result of the Company’s actions, the Company will ensure that you receive your full allocated time slot.
  4. Age & Height Restriction
    1. The minimum age for participants is 10. However, we recommend that participants in the cockpit should be at least 150cm tall to ensure that they are able to get the most out of their flight experience.
    2. In order to ensure the safety of our passengers, please note that any children under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult over the age of 18 in the aircraft cabin.
  5. On Board Safety
    1. You are required to arrive 15 minutes before your booking time and you must ensure that you fully understand any safety brief given before boarding the aircraft.
    2. Anyone that is susceptible to motion sickness or dizziness, claustrophobia, is pregnant, or suffers from heart or back conditions, abnormal blood pressure or sensitivity to strobe lighting or any other health condition that may be affected by the simulator should not participate in this attraction. By booking with the Company, you agree that you are in good health and free from any medical conditions that may be aggravated by the flight simulator. Participation in this attraction is at your own risk.
    3. All participation is at the customer’s own risk and you should consult your doctor prior to booking if you have any doubts.
    4. Please note that the simulator is a genuine Boeing 737 cockpit and as such, a degree of physical mobility is required to enter and exit the cockpit and cabin.
  6. Your Obligations
    1. By booking with the Company, you agree that you are in good health and free from any medical conditions that may be aggravated by the flight simulator.
    2. You should ensure that you are appropriately dressed for your booked activities, including operating the flight simulator and evacuation slide and you must ensure that you wear flat shoes.
    3. You (and any additional participants that attend with you) agree to comply with all signs, directions, safety instructions and any other reasonable instructions given to you by any employee of the Company at all times.
    4. You are required to take reasonable care when operating the flight simulator. You acknowledge that the flight simulator contains highly technical and delicate equipment and as such, the Company shall hold you responsible for any damage caused to Company property due to you taking improper care, using excessive force or as a result of disobeying instructions given to you by a member of staff.  The Company shall require you to reimburse the cost of any damages caused whilst on our premises due to your misuse or neglect.  
  7. Identification
    1. We reserve the right to require you to provide photographic identification (in the form of a passport or driving license) in order to prove your identity. Please ensure that you bring appropriate identification along with you.
  8. Additional Passengers
    1. All flight simulator customers are permitted to bring one additional guest to spectate in the cabin on a free of charge basis. Additional guests may also sit and watch the flight from the aircraft cabin for a charge of £10 per additional person.
    2. All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult over the age of 18 when seated in the aircraft cabin.
  9. Liability Waiver
    1. The Company and any of its officers, agents, directors or employees shall not be liable to you or any other person for personal injury or death arising in consequence of your failure to adhere to the Company’s safety requirements or because you did not exercise due care and skill. The Company shall have no liability towards you for personal injury or death except where it arises as a result of the Company’s gross negligence, act or omission.
    2. You acknowledge that participation in any activities on the Company's premises is undertaken entirely at your own risk subject to the requirements of clause 8 above.
    3. The total liability of the Company for any claim whatsoever in connection with your booking shall be limited to the price you paid when booking.
  10. Parking
    1. The Company has ample space for on site parking which is provided free of charge.
    2. Vehicles are parked at the owner’s risk. The Company shall take no responsibility for loss or damage caused to any vehicle using the Company car park and no guarantee is given as to the security of customers’ vehicles in the car park or any contents within.
  11. Serviceability & Force Majeure
    1. Occasionally our aircraft may be unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control. Should this happen, you will be contacted as soon as possible and your booking will be rearranged, or a full refund given, without any further charge to you.
    2. If during your flight simulator session we encounter any technical issues that we feel significantly reduces the experience or quality of your session we will increase your time in the simulator or we will offer you an alternative date. If this is refused then no refunds will be given. The Company’s liability for any claim whatsoever shall be limited to the amount paid for the voucher or booking.
    3. In addition, in the event of a force majeure event (defined as any act of God, flood, natural disaster, terrorist attack, threat of war, any law or action taken by any government or public authority, failure to grant a necessary license or consent, labour or trade disputes, strikes or industrial action, and/or non-performance by subcontractors) neither the Company nor you shall be in breach of their obligations under this contract and any booking that cannot be fulfilled by the Company as a result of a force majeure event shall be rearranged for a mutually convenient time or cancelled and refunded in full.
  12. Privacy & Data Processing
    1. You agree that the personal data provided to the Company in connection with your booking can be stored by us in accordance with the principles outlined in the Data Protection Act 2018 and that your personal data may be provided to government authorities in the interests of aviation security. Any information provided to us is handled in accordance with the Company’s Privacy Policy. We maintain strict security standards and procedures with a view to preventing unauthorised access to your data by anyone, including our staff.
    2. The Company’s Privacy Policy and further information as to how we will process your personal data under the General Data Protection Regulation can be found here.
  13. Insurance
    1. The Company shall hold at all times appropriate insurance cover including public and employer liability insurance policies. The Company’s pubic liability insurance cover shall not exceed £5,000,000.
  14. General
    1. This document (and the other documents referred to within it) shall constitute the entire agreement between you and the Company and shall extinguish all previous agreements, promises, assurances, warranties, representations and understandings between us, whether written or oral, relating to its subject matter.
    2. Nothing in these terms and conditions shall confer any right on any third party to enforce any provision under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 or otherwise.
    3. You agree that the contract between you and the Company shall be subject to English law, and the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any dispute arising in respect of the contract between us.

March 2022