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FlyMe was founded in 2019 by a group of pilots and aviation enthusiasts who shared a unique vision to create a one of a kind virtual airport and flight simulator experience that is like nothing else that the UK has to offer. This dream was realised in early 2020 when FlyMe opened its first operational virtual airport in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

Our team at FlyMe are passionate about flying and dedicated to ensuring that all of our customers enjoy a realistic experience of airline travel. Whether you are an absolute beginner with no experience of flying, or if you are an experienced pilot aspiring to start a career in the commercial aviation industry, we want everyone to enjoy a fun, professional and educational experience which is tailored appropriately and which is as close to the real thing as possible.

Our immersive airport includes fully themed areas including check in, departure lounge, security, gates and air traffic control. We also have a genuine Boeing 737 aircraft that was previously operated by a major UK airline.

Our simulator is a replica Boeing 737NG (737) series, which is the biggest selling jet airliner ever built. The aircraft size, configuration, economy, range and reliability have made the series a favourite for the airlines around the globe. Since the 737 was launched in the 1960’s with the B737-100, more than 9,700 orders have been placed in the aviation market. With over 7,100 737s being delivered and more than 5,500 in service today, the 737 represents more than a quarter of the total worldwide fleet of commercial jet airliners. In fact, on average, about 1,700 B737s are in the air at all times and one takes off or lands every 2 seconds!

You can now fly the world’s most popular airplane without ever having to leave South Yorkshire. Our 737-800 (NG) simulator is a fixed base genuine 1:1 replica of a 737 aircraft with digital displays.

You can book any length of flight from 60 minutes onwards and can fly anywhere in the world – our software includes over 23,000 airports and our pilots are on hand to recommend routes to you based on your flight time and flying preferences. We can even change the weather, if you feel up to the challenge.

Our simulator is built to an extremely high standard using the latest technology in both hardware and software and is suitable for all skill levels, from absolute beginners to pilot training. Our simulator features 180 degree screens with panoramic visuals and immersive sound and vibration sensations to ensure that the experience is as realistic as possible.

We look forward to flying with you soon.

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Barnsley, UK