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If you are looking for something completely different to do with friends or work colleagues, how about choosing us for your next corporate away day or group event?

Prior to your ‘flight’ everyone in your group will receive a boarding card, which will need to be presented at the check in desk on arrival at our immersive and interactive airport. Once you have checked in you can relax in the departure lounge with a coffee and chat to the pilots about flying a Boeing 737 passenger aircraft.

When it’s time to board the aircraft each member of the group will have to pass through security before completing a safety demonstration which includes inflation of a life jacket and a practice of an emergency evacuation using our full-size evacuation slide. After this is complete you will head to your allocated gate and board the aircraft.

Once onboard and fastened in your allocated seats the captain will call you up one at a time to do a take off and landing while the rest of your group watch your skills. During each short flight the pilot and an assessor will score your ability to take off, handle and land the aircraft. When everyone has completed their flight you will disembark the aircraft and head to arrivals where the pilots will present you all with your scores.

The winner will be presented with a prize at the end of the event with time to take photos, videos and selfies in our airport.

Sessions are available on a half-day (morning or afternoon), full day, or evening basis. We can also arrange refreshments on request.

Please call us to discuss on 0333 5678737