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FlyMe is committed to showcasing all that the aviation industry has to offer to inspire the next generation of pilots, cabin crew and ground staff.

We work with a number of schools and colleges to provide hands on experience that is directly linked to college curriculums and we can also provide experience days which give students the hands on experience of working in an airport and on board an aircraft.

We regularly provide hands on, practical experience for courses related to Travel & Tourism and Air Cabin Crew with a full day curriculum covering the following:

  • Pre-flight safety demonstrations;
  • On-board medical emergencies;
  • Pilot incapacitation;
  • Operating the aircraft doors;
  • On-board fires;
  • Emergency evacuation procedures;
  • Food & drink service;
  • Lifesaving, resuscitation & first aid.

For more information please contact us on 0333 5678 737