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Virtual Type Rating Virtual Type Rating Virtual Type Rating

The virtual type-rating course is delivered in three parts. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.


Learn the main systems of the aircraft with an overview of what switch does what and how the main systems of the aircraft work and interface with each other.

We will cover the following systems;

Pneumatics, Pressurisation, Air conditioning, Hydraulics, Electrical and Fuel.

Take the aircraft from cold and dark and have the ability to taxi to the runway and conduct a solo circuit, taxi back to the stand and shut down.

Walk away with a certificate of solo flight and a comprehensive manual detailing the function of every single switch in the cockpit that will assist you greatly on your continued journey of learning about the Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

Full day – Can be split into two half days.



Continue your journey of a virtual type endorsement with a full understanding of more systems of the Boeing 737-800.

Now you are proficient in starting the aircraft and have the ability to fly the aircraft solo you will learn all aspects of the aircraft automation including - Auto Pilot, Auto Throttles, Flight Director, Flight Management Introduction.

We will look at a typical line training flight departing Manchester airport 23R.

We will explain all aircraft automation including FMS set up, LNAV, VNAV, LVL CHG, V/S, N1, Speed and Altitude intervention. HDG SEL, APP, all MCP and EFIS controls.

We will practice ILS set-up, approach and landing.

Finally we will look at various non-normal situations including engine failure prior to and after V1.

One and a half days, can be split into three half days.



You will finish off the theoretical training by covering the remaining modules that would be covered during a type endorsement during your airline training.

The systems we will cover will include;

Ice & Rain Protection, Landing Gear & Brakes, Flight Controls, Engines, Fire Protection, Warning Systems, Flight Instruments, Navigation.

The theory covered during the beginner, intermediate and this course is delivered to exactly the same standard to that of airline training provided to a professional pilot transitioning to the Boeing 737-800 as part of their endorsement and line training.

On this course we will conduct two line flights during the session using all checklists, procedures and call outs.

Two full days –


Contact us to have a chat about your requirements, your current level of systems knowledge of jet transport aircraft and we can tailor the course to suit your needs and discuss pricing on this basis.

Please call us to discuss on 0333 5678737