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Simulator Prep Simulator Prep Simulator Prep

The Simulator Preparation course is designed to prepare the professional pilot for an airline simulator assessment. It will be conducted in the 737-800 Jet simulator device at FlyMe.

Whether you are preparing yourself for your very first time in a jet transport simulator, or you are simply wishing to refresh your flying skills in preparation for a check ride this course will provide you with the skills necessary to perform at your best on the day of your check ride.

We will spend approximately four hours in the simulator where you will experience the basics of handling a typical jet transport aircraft.

Most airlines will expect the applicant to perform basic attitude flying, incorporating power changes to maintain straight and level flight, steep turns, intercepting and maintaining a ground based radial in differing weather conditions.

Many pilots fail a check ride because they underestimate the differences in handling between the light aircraft they are used to, in comparison to a modern transport aircraft utilised by most airlines. This course gives you a knowledge and skills base that will underpin the initial training you will receive in an airline.

Student Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course students will have practiced and developed skills in the following areas.

  1. The main handling complexities of a modern transport aircraft.
  2. Fly the jet transport simulator accurately at different speed and thrust settings.
  3. Maintain set tolerances with height and speed.
  4. Selective radial scan, especially when workload increases, i.e. when intercepting a radial, turning onto a heading when climbing and descending.

The course is delivered over a half day and costs £295.

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