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Pilot Routes Pilot Routes Pilot Routes

Deciding on the route to become a pilot can seem like a minefield to most. Some of the jargon used is confusing and quite often a route that suits one, may not necessarily suit another.

There are many routes to take, however our instructor has focused on the main five routes commonly taken by most.

We would recommend taking the time to consider this course if you are contemplating a flying career. The costs involved can escalate unnecessarily if one route is started and it becomes necessary to change to another route simply because you didn’t have all the information at the beginning.

Holding an ATPL (Air Transport Pilot Licence) in the UK, converting to another country (Australia), teaching both Modular and Integrated routes in both countries for a leading world wide recognised university our instructor is more than qualified to present to you the routes available.

This information can help you make an informed choice early on in your training of the route that best suits yourself without any hard sales tactic. We are not here to sell you a flying course, so our advice is impartial and you will leave this half-day course with a clearer understanding of the requirements needed for the route you decide.

There is a lot of material to cover, the course goes into great depth of the various modules, flying milestones and theoretical examinations required to gain a commercial licence leading towards an ATPL.

Ask as many questions as you need and walk away with some prepared handouts on the material covered on the day.

The course includes at least one hour in our Boeing 737-800 jet transport simulator where you can experience first hand with our experienced instructors how it feels to take the controls of one of the worlds most successful transport aircraft.

The course is delivered over approximately three to four hours depending on the questions asked during your session and costs £295

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