Pilot Interview Preparation

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Airline interviews and assessments can be highly competitive and whichever airline you apply to will be keen to pick the best candidates from the numerous available applicants.  To help aspiring commercial pilots to stand out from the competition, we offer bespoke airline interview preparation days. 

Aimed at ATPL/CPL level, our courses can cover provide interview and flight simulator assessment preparation services to give you the knowledge and confidence to be at your best when you undertake your pilot assessment.  We can instil the knowledge you require to answer technical questions to demonstrate to your interviewer that you have both an interest in the machine that you fly, along with a deeper understanding of the complexities of the aircraft. 

Flight simulator assessment is an essential component of successfully passing your airline pilot interview and nothing compares to the practical experience gained when spending time with an airline pilot in a flight simulator, which is why our course also covers flying the Boeing 737-800 airplane itself in a simulator environment.  Typically, a session will cover instruments, take off and approach, go arounds, minor malfunctions, coping with stress and situational awareness. 

We can also assist with basic preparation for the types of questions that may be asked of you at the interview.  At the end of your airline preparation course, you will be provided with our technical question training pack to further help you to prepare for your interview. 

For more information and to check availability, please call us on 0333 5678 737.