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If you already hold a pilots licence and have flown the B737-800 Simulator before, we can offer our fixed base simulator to you at a cost of £80 per hour off peak & £100 per hour peak (see below). If you require the assistance of an experienced simulator instructor, this can be provided at an additional rate of £60 for the first hour and £40 per hour thereafter.

Our simulator is built to an extremely high standard using the latest technology in both hardware and software and is suitable for all skill levels, from absolute beginners to pilot training. Our simulator features 180 degree screens with panoramic visuals and immersive sound and vibration sensations to ensure that the experience is as realistic as possible.

If you are interested in any theoretical knowledge on the Boeing 737-800, please take a look at our 737 systems course we offer, as this may be something to consider in part if you are self hiring our simulator for recurrent training you are conducting.

If you are considering a block booking or some instructor assistance, we can discuss a package that suits you best.

Peak periods - 

Monday - Friday 7am to 9am  -  5pm to 8pm

Saturday 7am to 5pm

Please call us to discuss on 0333 5678737